Shark Park

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Shark Park
Directed by Greg Huglin
Starring Bennett Williams, Carlos Burle, Chris Brown, Chris Malloy, Chuck Patterson, Dan Malloy, Don Curry, Eric Akiskalian, Euraldo "Pato" Teixeira, Garrett McNamara, Jamie Sterling, Jed Tucker, Kealii Mamala, Mark Healey, Rusty Long, Shawn Alladio, Tim Corliss, Jim Marshall, Greg Huglin, Josh Bradbury
Production company Greg Huglin Films
Release date 2006
Running time 44 minutes
Language English

Watch an international team of towsurfers ride a virgin wave at a remote offshore reef during the 2005/2006 giant winter swells. Greg Huglin is a man possessed; a Californian who has traveled the world in search of surf, returning home only to continue the hunt in his own backyard. Filmmaker, avant guard photographer and ocean expert are just some of the cards in his deck. And he plays those cards very close to his chest. For the last 10 years, Greg has been playing a very private game of wave riding poker that was finally dealt out in a very high stakes location. Huglin had done his research well. He had piloted his own boat to the reef, surveyed the bottom and even flown over in a helicopter to supplement his analysis with aerial reconnaissance. Even with all the data in his hands, he told everyone involved that it was one big crapshoot. Factors that don't affect near-shore waves would be major forces to deal with out there. Incessant wind, raging currents and gray suited locals would significantly reduce the hit rate. The name for this wave of chance is Shark Park - that alone should give you pause. If you are dealt an unlucky hand out here, you might not be able to walk away from the table with your life, much less the wetsuit on your back. Here is the story of Greg's pursuit and amazing adventures to Shark Park that will go down as history in the making.

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